Saturday, December 19, 2009


For most people, I would assume, it's hard to admit they're wrong. Well, at least for most people like me. But I do it, mostly because I'm a "pleaser" and that's the easiest way to placate someone... especially if they're angry. At me.
Anyway, lately I've been doing a lot of self-study since I have extra time to think (while feeding, rocking, changing, or playing with the baby, of course). And I'm realizing that I have a lot of misconceptions about myself, misconceptions that are hard to face because not only do I hate to be wrong, but I REALLY hate to be wrong about the one thing I should probably be an expert - myself.
Some of these misconceptions are funny, some ironic, and some just downright disheartening. I thought I should document them, mostly for my own benefit, but maybe some of you will get a kick out of them, too. (And maybe a few of you will say,"Well, duh, Bonnie... we've known that all along about you. About time you got a clue!" That's fine, too.) Well, here goes...
#1 - Patience
I always thought I was a patient person. I have worked with 25+ kids for most of the day for the better part of 5 years. And I still have hair left. I have 5 younger sisters whom I adore, but when I was younger I felt like I put up with a lot. And I have had some very CHOICE roommates and mission companions (NOT YOU, Brenda... you're a joy!) who tried me to the core. I'm even patient in the Wal-Mart line the Saturday before Christmas when the person in front of me has 3 separate transactions! So I felt like an asset I was bringing to my marriage was patience. Man, was I wrong. Through many different "episodes", I have learned that I leave much to be desired in this department. Jon has to be SO patient with me and my hormones and mood swings and silly demands. And what do I give him in return? Not much. I definitely need to work on this. Jon is a saint, seriously. He is so kind and patient, even on days when everything is his fault and he can't seem to do anything right. I love him. And doesn't he make such a cute daddy?


Molly said...

Me, too, Bonnie. I discovered when Christian's bro and sis moved in that I am not patient, not very nice, and incredibly selfish. :(

caitlin said...

Patience is a tough thing to master. It has always been a struggle for me. Plus I have found that marriage has helped me realize my flaws even more. Or maybe it's just us being married to really laid back guys? But if it helps, I consider you a far more patient person than myself.

Shelly said...

Just for the record, you DID put up with a lot and I am a witness of it! I think we all can work on our patience!