Saturday, December 19, 2009


(I love the looks on our faces in these photos by Caity... they explain everything about how we were feeling...)

I realize that I had a baby only 7 short months ago, so my opinion on this paragraph may change. But right now I am having a bit of a hard time grasping this part of me. Here's why: I come from a large family (6 kids). I loved having a big family. I have always wanted a big family. I felt like a nurturing person in my role as a teacher, so I assumed I would be awesome with my own kids and want a whole brood of at least 5 kids. But now that I have experienced what ONE child has been like, I am changing that opinion of myself. Don't get me wrong... I love Ella so much. She brings a new level of joy and happiness to my life that is indescribable. She is my world and I would have it no other way! I just honestly don't think I could give of myself fairly to a lot of kids. Kids need attention and love and a HECK of a lot of energy. And, at this point in my new motherhood experience, I feel like I might want 3 kids. Maybe. I can't believe I was that wrong about myself!

Ella and Me right after birth... Wow, what a high.

Then reality hit... man, motherhood is tough stuff!
Jon is a cute daddy... He helps me make it through the days.AND so does Ella... she's darling!


Shelly said...

It's amazing how motherhood changes all kinds of perspectives on life and makes you wonder who you REALLY are. Being signed up for five kids myself, I can tell you it is a bit crazy, but I love them all to death--in the end you don't divide yourself among your children, you multiply yourself and your abilities to do for them what they need (and energy is not really required, it would just be a nice bonus).

caitlin said...

I think of you and Jon as some of the most level headed parents ever. You guys are both doing an awesome job!

Melanie said...

I have a feeling I may be jumping on this bandwagon in a few month myself! Here's to new experiences and self discovery!