Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny Boy!

Today my bestest friend, love, and partner in crime is turning 27! We have had 3 of his birthdays together so far, and each one has been an adventure!
-2006 - We had been dating for a month and I met his family (grandparents included!) for the first time at his birthday dinner. Woo hoo! (It must have gone well because we were married like 5 minutes later!)
-2007 - We were LIVING with his parents and made a very necessary escape to Park City for the weekend. It was so much fun - we pretended it was our honeymoon again ... and had a blast telling everyone we were honeymooners. :) It doesn't matter what we do, what kind of trouble we get into, how many jokes we play or shops I drag him to, I love being with Jon.
-So this year ... I was planning on doing something fabulous and surprising him with a great ... something. But these days I work, eat dinner, and fall asleep by 7:30 or 8:00. So I'm a lame wife this time around. So, we're going to the temple, then meeting up with Caity, Bob, Jessica and maybe even Brenda for lunch and a movie. It will be wonderful to just hang out with friends ... and James Bond!
Things I love about Jon:
-his smile
-his cute pokey-up hair
-how amazing he is with computers/tvs/phones/and anything that beeps, buzzes, or lights up.
-the way he looks at me
-the butterflies I feel when he pops into my classroom or comes home early and surprises me.
-how particular he is with clothes - and shopping. He knows what he wants and he either finds it or he doesn't and he's done in minutes.
-watching him play with Jovi and laugh and wrestle - like two little kids.
-I love that he stands up for himself ... and me. If something isn't right, he doesn't quit until it is. He's taught me a lot about being assertive and not letting people get away with crap. :)
-I love how he's easy-going and goes with the flow. He puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas and plans because ... well, because he's so sweet.
-he is the BEST listener. Whether it's work stress, a funny story, or I just need to vent, Jon always seems to know when to "just listen" or "listen and fix it". That's a rare skill in the "man world"!
-Jon is an INCREDIBLE cook. Especially lately since I don't cook. :) He is a master barbecue-er and makes KILLER creme brulee. Oh yum. I want some right now!
-I love that he's mine. Forever. I am sooooo lucky.

Happy birthday honey!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

big news is an understatement

So, I'm pregnant! We found out over two months ago and I've had the hardest time keeping it quiet ... but now it's official! I wanted to tell everyone in person, but with everything that's going on, I just can't wait any longer. Maybe this post will facilitate some more of those phone calls and visits! We love you all and we are proud to introduce you to our new little JELLY BEAN. He or she will join our family May 27 - ish. We can't wait!