Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Johnny Boy!

Today my bestest friend, love, and partner in crime is turning 27! We have had 3 of his birthdays together so far, and each one has been an adventure!
-2006 - We had been dating for a month and I met his family (grandparents included!) for the first time at his birthday dinner. Woo hoo! (It must have gone well because we were married like 5 minutes later!)
-2007 - We were LIVING with his parents and made a very necessary escape to Park City for the weekend. It was so much fun - we pretended it was our honeymoon again ... and had a blast telling everyone we were honeymooners. :) It doesn't matter what we do, what kind of trouble we get into, how many jokes we play or shops I drag him to, I love being with Jon.
-So this year ... I was planning on doing something fabulous and surprising him with a great ... something. But these days I work, eat dinner, and fall asleep by 7:30 or 8:00. So I'm a lame wife this time around. So, we're going to the temple, then meeting up with Caity, Bob, Jessica and maybe even Brenda for lunch and a movie. It will be wonderful to just hang out with friends ... and James Bond!
Things I love about Jon:
-his smile
-his cute pokey-up hair
-how amazing he is with computers/tvs/phones/and anything that beeps, buzzes, or lights up.
-the way he looks at me
-the butterflies I feel when he pops into my classroom or comes home early and surprises me.
-how particular he is with clothes - and shopping. He knows what he wants and he either finds it or he doesn't and he's done in minutes.
-watching him play with Jovi and laugh and wrestle - like two little kids.
-I love that he stands up for himself ... and me. If something isn't right, he doesn't quit until it is. He's taught me a lot about being assertive and not letting people get away with crap. :)
-I love how he's easy-going and goes with the flow. He puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas and plans because ... well, because he's so sweet.
-he is the BEST listener. Whether it's work stress, a funny story, or I just need to vent, Jon always seems to know when to "just listen" or "listen and fix it". That's a rare skill in the "man world"!
-Jon is an INCREDIBLE cook. Especially lately since I don't cook. :) He is a master barbecue-er and makes KILLER creme brulee. Oh yum. I want some right now!
-I love that he's mine. Forever. I am sooooo lucky.

Happy birthday honey!


Molly said...

Not to mention he's your baby-daddy, right?

Hilary said...

YAY! Happy Birthday Jon! We love you!

caitlin said...

Happy, Happy B-day Jon! We had so much fun on Saturday! Oh and I love that you like his "spikey up" hair.

Jess said...

Um, creme brulee? Why have I never experienced Jon's creme brulee? This must be fixed!! Happy Birthday Jon!