Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Seattle Pics

Sorry to any of you who were actually interested in seeing some pics from Seattle. I think I worked out the kinks and a smaller version of our web gallery is finally up. Cross your fingers and spin around twice while patting your head and rubbing your stomach ... and it may work. Go to


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bonnie!

I just have to tell you how cute Jon is. He made my birthday so special! We went to the gym in the morning and ran three miles, which I felt was an awesome way to start my 27th year of life!!! (Crazy, now I'm in my upper twenties - ahhhhhh!)

Then we were off to do something, but the only hints he gave me were that I should wear kind of grubby clothes and not put on makeup because we were going to do a service project. He also told me that it was downtown by the Gateway Mall. So, as we ate lunch at a place called "The Soup Kitchen" I thought I was very smart in figuring out that we were going to feed the homeless. It all made sense because we had talked about going to do that anyway, and it's right next to the mall. So Jon let me believe that and I tried to convince myself that it was a cool idea for a birthday.

Anyway, we drove downtown and right past the shelter. Huh? It turned out that Jon and scheduled a couple's massage for us in the mall. He even made Creme brulee, my favorite, for them to bring in to us afterward. It was the perfect way to enjoy my day. Then we had dinner with my family and called it a night... not too eventful, but absolutely perfect!

Seattle Rocks!

We decided to get away for the weekend, and since we didn't know where we wanted to go, we just searched where the airlines flew for pretty cheap. As soon as we saw Seattle on the list, we knew it was a winner!
The trip was amazing. We ate the most expensive meal of our lives (accidentally) at Morton's Steakhouse, because we didn't know what it was and felt stupid leaving after the prices were given to us in the "Verbal Menu Presentation". So funny! (Go to for an idea of what we paid!)
We fell in love with the people, the scenery, the seafood, and the artsy feel of the city. Even church was fun there! Here are some of our favorite finds:
1. The Crab Pot - a place where they throw your seafood feast on the table and you just dig in!
2. Pike Place Market - so many fun things to do and see that we went back three times.
3. The Seattle Aquarium - it would have been more fun with kids, but we loved it anyway!
4. Smith Tower - A way cheaper way to see Seattle than the Space Needle, though that was awesome, too.
5. The Underground Tour - a bizarre little tour that shows how crazy and inventive the early Seattle-ites were to solve a fire and toilet flushing problem in their little marsh city. Basically there's a city under the city and we go to see it!

6. The Wexley School for Girls - though it's not actually a school, it gave us lots of fun photo ops and their website is awesome.
7. Todai - the BEST sushi buffet we've ever seen. Good sushi, plus desserts, a hot food bar, and a killer view of the commercial district. SWEET!
8. The Aurora Bridge Troll - a glob of concrete shaped into a troll that was actually commissioned by Seattle City Council to "encourage a bond and artistic feel in the city" or something like that. It was pretty awesome.

I can't wait to go back. There is so much to do and see, plus my skin has never felt softer. Utah is so dang dry! For more pics of our trip, go to and you can see our favorites.