Saturday, January 10, 2009


Jon and I work at the same school. I'm a 3rd grade teacher; he's the I.T. Specialist. Which means that any time something doesn't work, he's running around fixing it. The other day I was having serious problems with my computer projector and I couldn't get a hold of him, so I decided to bag the presentation until later and gathered the kids at the back of the room for a story.

Jon magically appeared out in the hall, probably on his way to put out a different fire, so I just yelled, mid-sentence in my book, "Jon, I NEED YOU!"

He stopped, smiled at my dramatics, and then one of my cute little girls stood up and said, "ME TOO! JON, I NEED YOU!" while waving her arms around. She's usually really shy and timid, so everyone stopped and stared at her. Then we all had a good laugh for like 5 minutes straight. It takes a lot for me to laugh until I'm crying, so when I do my kids think it's the best thing since chocolate cake.

I still haven't figured out why Megan needed Jon so much ... but the kids still talk about it and Megan is the new "popular girl" for cracking me up. I love teaching kids!

Guys and their Dogs

Last night Jon and I went to a movie, but not just any movie... a FAMILY film - "Marley and Me." Weird. I thought maybe it was the parental instincts kicking in that made us choose this movie over many others in theaters right now (Valkyrie, Seven Pounds, Bride Wars...). But near the end of the movie I realized why:

Guys love dogs. (And Jennifer Aniston. Hee hee.)

It was a cheesy little flick about how a family gets attached to a TERRIBLE dog - he's crazy and destructive and reminded me of someone in MY life! I would have given it maybe 2 and a half stars for being cute. But the best part was that someone sitting next to me (I won't mention names to protect the innocent) cried like a girl when poor Marley has to be put down. It was adorable. And he wasn't the only one! Guys all over the theater were sniffling and crumpling tissues like we women do during Steel Magnolias or Hallmark commercials.

It was hilarious. For one small moment there was balance and equality in the universe. So now I have ammo for the next time "someone" makes fun of me for tearing up!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's already a star... or at least a banana!

We got a little video of our baby girl today. I'll be honest - sometimes she looks a little like an alien ... but the technician assured me she does in fact have a face, you just can't tell on an ultrasound. Good news, good news. :) It is so much fun to see her that I keep watching it over and over again! So far we know she's super wiggly, camera shy (we couldn't get a profile shot AT ALL), and she's the length of a banana. Cool.