Monday, December 3, 2007

It's not ... comcastic

So, you know how they always make those cheesy forwarded emails heralding the nobility of military or public service, and the point is to make you feel grateful for all their sacrifice and hard work? I'm not saying those aren't great because they often make me teary. I don't want to minimize the attention they get by any means.

But I want to write my own public service announcement lauding the self sacrifice and hard work of your local .... cable guy. Being married to Jon has opened my eyes to what your average cable guy does every day just so YOU can watch Dawson's Creek or The Office whenever you want.
Have you ever considered what they do for YOU? :)

Let me tell you. They drive around all day and find people who are stealing cable. They knock on doors in the scariest neighborhoods imaginable and enter homes that smell like animal urine or pot. They trudge through rain and snow to make sure you're properly connected. They even climb poles like monkeys to simply do their job. But the worst is... they face rabid animals with only tazers and pepper spray to protect them!

Below is proof of what can happen when the unsuspecting technician simply places his hand NEXT TO a chain link fence to let a vicious dog on the other side get accustomed to his scent.
(Side note: he was wearing heavy-duty work gloves with RUBBER on the top)
Normally after a fight you would say, "You should see the other guy!" But in this case we won't say that because the "other guy" is probably still laughing about the mess he made of Jon's new gloves and chewing on some toy to get ready for when Jon comes back. Though he did get smacked with a screwdriver. (Don't call PETA, okay?)

By now you are surely moved to tears, just like the military ads. I know, me too. I say to you, "Ask not what your cable guy can do for you, but what you can do for your local cable guy." Just pay your bill. But if you don't, at least pull your dogs inside so Jon can disconnect you peacefully.

I love you Johnny Boy!

Stapler Incident Part 2

This is Hailey (right). She is cute. She got a stapler in her face (notice red mark on forehead). But she recovered. And she still loves me. :) This picture was taken just after she returned to class. This picture is at the end of the party. She looks much less dazed! (Phew.) It looks like Rusty got smacked. But he's just crazy and cute. And here is a picture of the stressed out teacher trying to calm the masses. They're fun, but man, you only see half of the kids in this picture. I don't know how anyone teaches and keeps their sanity! Happy Thanksgiving to all!