Saturday, September 27, 2008


A couple of days ago I met my friend Emily for our weekly walk at the park, which in and of itself is a little piece of heaven in my life. But for once she was the one running late and I was the one waiting for her! (Sorry Em, I'm working on it!) :) Usually my life is so crazy busy that I get stressed when I have a delay or change because there are a million other things rolling around in my head.
But this particular afternoon was absolutely perfect - warm sun (mid 70s at least), calm breeze, fresh grass, and mountains to gaze at forever. I took advantage of the 15 minutes of solitude to lay on the grass like a homeless person and just ponder ... nothing. It felt so nice to just be ... be ... well, just be! I realized I hardly EVER have a minute just for me, it's either co-workers or third graders or family or friends or husband or dog needing me. Don't get me wrong - I love my life and everyone in it. But I've been neglecting my need for quiet! So it was a cherished moment of calm that helped me get on with my life. (And gosh, I don't even have kids yet ...)

Thanks Emily for your amazing friendship. If it weren't for you I'd never enjoy the nature on the Jordan Parkway Trail or laugh my guts out at least once a week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jovi and Recycling

So, we all know that recycling is a good thing. It's even better to buy things with less packaging/use re-fillable water bottles instead of buying a new one every time/reduce our consumption. I definitely believe in that. That's why Sigg is my new best friend. I love her. Anyway ... that's not the point. Today we went to Sam's Club, the king of oversized everything (or maybe the queen next to Costco) and I was feeling very guilty about buying razor blade heads in a package that could have housed a family in a third-world country.

But Jovi helped me feel a little better because once I opened it up and emptied out the dangerous contents, she played with the box like it was the best toy ever! It reminded me that she also LOVES to play with empty water bottles. So, if you're ever feeling guilty for consuming more plastic material that you should, just bring it over to us and Jovi will re-use it for you!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

true love

Dear Sigg,
I love you so much. You're always there when I need you. Sorry I dropped you on your pretty little head and dented you already. Please be mine always!

Love your thirsty friend,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You're welcome.


Washing the laundry so we have something to wear tomorrow: good.
Washing the husband's phone in his pants pocket: bad.

So, whose fault is it??

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I was driving home from work, minding my own business, when something caught my eye. I glanced up and noticed I had a passenger. A HUGE grasshopper was clinging to the fabric on the roof of my car. Oh my gosh... I screamed so loud that I'm sure the folks in the cars around me thought I was possessed.

One guy looked over as I was staring at my ceiling while driving 60 mph on Bangerter Highway. He gave me a look like, "What are you doing?" then promptly sped up and cut me off. Nice.

I was about 5 blocks from home when I saw my new friend, so I had to keep a watchful eye on him so he wouldn't jump on me before I could run out of the car. Luckily he crawled (upside down) to the back of the car by the back window. Phew. But, suddenly, I looked back and he'd disappeared. AHHHHH! I frantically looked on the seats, the floor, the back of the car (don't worry I was at a red light) but he was nowhere to be found. So I turned into my neighborhood and onto my street and WHAM the grasshopper had jumped to right by my shoulder. I screamed and swerved and leaned away ... all in front of my new neighbor who was watering his lawn. Welcome to the crazy neighborhood!

At least Jovi was happy to see my new friend ... for about 5 seconds. Then... yum!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Questions, questions...

So, all summer I would laugh to myself when people would say, "Oh, you're a teacher? So, what do you DO all summer?" They act like it's a big, long vacation... maybe you're guilty of the same train of thought. Well, I must admit, it is nice... but it's not like I sit around on my duff and eat bon-bons... all the time!
I thought I'd share with you some of my "summer accomplishments" so I can relish in the joy of summer for at least one more day! So... from the middle of June until last week, I:
-Watched ALL four seasons of LOST and now consider myself addicted
-Read all of the Twilight series books (working on the last one currently) and also consider myself an addict.
-Re-painted and "upholstered" two chairs I found on the side of the road.
-Laid sprinklers with Jon
-Laid sod with Jon
-Built a fence ... with Jon
-Poured cement .... again with Jon!
-Landscaped our front and back yards - Awesome!
-Got a dog
-Taught the dog to sit, lay down, pee outside, and fetch.
-Screamed and cried when the dog de-landscaped the back yard!
-Took the dog to the doggie E.R. when she tried to commit suicide out the back of the truck. (She's now fine ... just has a bit of a gimpy leg ... she'll grow out if it I hope!)
-Took lots of walks with Jovi
-Went on a cruise with my bestest friend Amelia
-Played in St. George with family on the 4th of July
-Went to Texas for a week of training with a bunch of crazy teachers!
-Began re-upholstering a chair I got at a garage sale for $10 (post to follow when it is finished)
-Helped my sister get married and attended the festivities- it was so amazing! (I even helped design the invitation and take the engagement pics ... so much fun for me!)
-Spent well-earned time with friends I never get to see and laughed a whole lot!
-Started my at-home business making baby shoes and purses (
-Thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics ... I'm not a sports-watcher, but I sure love them in China!
-Found my first official gray hair. Ugh.
-Put a classroom together from SCRATCH in a matter of days (it's a work in progress).
-Planned my first year teaching 3rd grade and trained 3 brand-new teachers how to do the same.
-Met some great new friends in my neighborhood - We truly love where we live!
And, best of all, Jon and I got to spend nearly every day together. Since we work at the same school, we had a nice, long Summer vacation - and we didn't get too sick of each other!

Yay for being a teacher!

Why I Am Not A Fan of Fall...

No words necessary except:


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm in denial

So long sweet summer
I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
So long sweet summer
I fell into you now you're gracefully falling away
(10 awesome points to anyone who knows what band this is ... no google-ing!)