Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jovi and Recycling

So, we all know that recycling is a good thing. It's even better to buy things with less packaging/use re-fillable water bottles instead of buying a new one every time/reduce our consumption. I definitely believe in that. That's why Sigg is my new best friend. I love her. Anyway ... that's not the point. Today we went to Sam's Club, the king of oversized everything (or maybe the queen next to Costco) and I was feeling very guilty about buying razor blade heads in a package that could have housed a family in a third-world country.

But Jovi helped me feel a little better because once I opened it up and emptied out the dangerous contents, she played with the box like it was the best toy ever! It reminded me that she also LOVES to play with empty water bottles. So, if you're ever feeling guilty for consuming more plastic material that you should, just bring it over to us and Jovi will re-use it for you!


Heather said...

hate to tell you this but the reason why you bought your sigg bottle maybe the same reason your dog will now show up with gum cancer or some odd thing. You allowed your pup to chew on the same thing you thought was killing you. Its a sick sick world, but I still love ya

Bonnie said...

sometimes I wouldn't mind ... she's crazy!

the road less traveled. said...

Um, you crack me up :)