Sunday, September 7, 2008

Questions, questions...

So, all summer I would laugh to myself when people would say, "Oh, you're a teacher? So, what do you DO all summer?" They act like it's a big, long vacation... maybe you're guilty of the same train of thought. Well, I must admit, it is nice... but it's not like I sit around on my duff and eat bon-bons... all the time!
I thought I'd share with you some of my "summer accomplishments" so I can relish in the joy of summer for at least one more day! So... from the middle of June until last week, I:
-Watched ALL four seasons of LOST and now consider myself addicted
-Read all of the Twilight series books (working on the last one currently) and also consider myself an addict.
-Re-painted and "upholstered" two chairs I found on the side of the road.
-Laid sprinklers with Jon
-Laid sod with Jon
-Built a fence ... with Jon
-Poured cement .... again with Jon!
-Landscaped our front and back yards - Awesome!
-Got a dog
-Taught the dog to sit, lay down, pee outside, and fetch.
-Screamed and cried when the dog de-landscaped the back yard!
-Took the dog to the doggie E.R. when she tried to commit suicide out the back of the truck. (She's now fine ... just has a bit of a gimpy leg ... she'll grow out if it I hope!)
-Took lots of walks with Jovi
-Went on a cruise with my bestest friend Amelia
-Played in St. George with family on the 4th of July
-Went to Texas for a week of training with a bunch of crazy teachers!
-Began re-upholstering a chair I got at a garage sale for $10 (post to follow when it is finished)
-Helped my sister get married and attended the festivities- it was so amazing! (I even helped design the invitation and take the engagement pics ... so much fun for me!)
-Spent well-earned time with friends I never get to see and laughed a whole lot!
-Started my at-home business making baby shoes and purses (
-Thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics ... I'm not a sports-watcher, but I sure love them in China!
-Found my first official gray hair. Ugh.
-Put a classroom together from SCRATCH in a matter of days (it's a work in progress).
-Planned my first year teaching 3rd grade and trained 3 brand-new teachers how to do the same.
-Met some great new friends in my neighborhood - We truly love where we live!
And, best of all, Jon and I got to spend nearly every day together. Since we work at the same school, we had a nice, long Summer vacation - and we didn't get too sick of each other!

Yay for being a teacher!


Heather said...

you are kidding? first grey hair? We must not be related cause i got my first one at least 5 years ago. that is just rude. Glad to hear you had a good summer, you deserve it!

Tara said...

Sounds like a fun and busy summer! We need to hang out more so that your domesticity can rub off on me!

Shelly said...

Sounds like a summer of partying to me!! My list would be much shorter unless everyone wanted to hear all the gory details of childbirth, newborn care, child care, sick children, and more along those lines. We only left our house once and that was to go to Utah to visit family, which only counts as "out of town" because you get to turn down the A/C and water heater. Of course, getting to see you is always a vacation. :) By the way, I found my first grey hair right after I turned 26 and all I had to say was "I guess I really am my dad's daughter" and "at least it wasn't when I was 25!" Of course it had been there for a while since it was quite long, but I have also found one that was grey on the end, but had brown roots. Figure that one out!