Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's already a star... or at least a banana!

We got a little video of our baby girl today. I'll be honest - sometimes she looks a little like an alien ... but the technician assured me she does in fact have a face, you just can't tell on an ultrasound. Good news, good news. :) It is so much fun to see her that I keep watching it over and over again! So far we know she's super wiggly, camera shy (we couldn't get a profile shot AT ALL), and she's the length of a banana. Cool.


Molly said...

How neat! I'm so happy for you.

caitlin said...

It cracks me up that every time I hear how big a baby is, that they compare it to food. Jelly beans, grapefruit, banana's. Sounds like it could make a good fruit salad.

Jess Perry said...

Congrats on the girl! They are a lot of fun. Moments of drama but she is my little pal.