Friday, December 11, 2009


Jon is away on business... and I'm bored. I am surprised if anyone is even reading this anymore. Sorry all I post about are boutiques - that has been a bit of an obsession lately. I promise to post at least once a week now about something more substantial. Starting with today. Right now.

Hmmm... what to write? We have been busy busy busy. The "HOLIDAYS" hit us full force before I was even ready. Halloween was fabulous, Thanksgiving was glorious, and now Christmas is 2 weeks away. Crazy. (I decided to finally post a picture of Ella's Halloween costume - sorry it's so late!)

Our greatest accomplishment lately has been that our basement is about 90% finished. We got all the painting done thanks to our amazing friends, and the carpet was just laid last week. Now Jon has his mancave back and I have my piano studio/craft room - I absolutely love it! (I would post pictures, but in the move back to the offices and such, I lost the cord to upload pics... Oh wait! I found ONE!)

(photo by Caity)
We are so blessed with great friends and family who have sacrificed their time and expertise to help us finish. I am absolutely astonished at Jon's know-how with the framing, wiring, painting, even putting on doorknobs... all of which blows my mind. Good work honey!

So, now we're just finishing up preparations for a fabulous Christmas! Happy Holidays to everyone!


Heather said...

Sorry to hear you're bored-we missed you at the ward party earlier. My girls asked where you were! Way to go on the basement!

Hilary said...

Can't wait to see it!

Connie Whitesides said...

I hope that you are left a chunk of carpet for Ty and me. We would love to rest our heads on your newly laid carpet. You two work so hard. Way to go!
And thanks for posting pictures of Ella fish. I have been telling people about it, and now I have proof.
Love ya!

Erin said...

Call me sometime when you're bored. Linc and I are always just kickin' it. You can never be prepared for the holidays, and it goes faster as the kids get older. I thought it would be easier, but now we're involved in class parties, actually hiding presents, trying to keep track of what they've asked Santa for, etc. So fun though!

Amy and Clark said...

Yay for your piano/craft room and double yay for Ella's darling halloween costume! Too cute!
Love you!

Bonnie said...

Heather-I was sad i couldn't make it to the ward party... I had a birthday party to go to. I wrote this post at like 11:30 or something. :) wish I could haveneen there with you and your darling girls!

caitlin said...

I love Jon's hair in that picture. Paint dust is amazing hair dye.

It was fun to help you guys out, and for real we would love to help out with anything else you still need to do. Or are you totally finished? I need to come see it!