Saturday, September 27, 2008


A couple of days ago I met my friend Emily for our weekly walk at the park, which in and of itself is a little piece of heaven in my life. But for once she was the one running late and I was the one waiting for her! (Sorry Em, I'm working on it!) :) Usually my life is so crazy busy that I get stressed when I have a delay or change because there are a million other things rolling around in my head.
But this particular afternoon was absolutely perfect - warm sun (mid 70s at least), calm breeze, fresh grass, and mountains to gaze at forever. I took advantage of the 15 minutes of solitude to lay on the grass like a homeless person and just ponder ... nothing. It felt so nice to just be ... be ... well, just be! I realized I hardly EVER have a minute just for me, it's either co-workers or third graders or family or friends or husband or dog needing me. Don't get me wrong - I love my life and everyone in it. But I've been neglecting my need for quiet! So it was a cherished moment of calm that helped me get on with my life. (And gosh, I don't even have kids yet ...)

Thanks Emily for your amazing friendship. If it weren't for you I'd never enjoy the nature on the Jordan Parkway Trail or laugh my guts out at least once a week!


caitlin said...

Sorry I missed out on hanging out with you on Saturday, I miss ya girl. Let's plan a girls day soon.

Shelly said...

I hear you on this one. Julie and I went and played tennis when she was here last and I looked up and saw the playground, so I sprinted over to the swings (I don't really swing ever--there's always someone else that needs a push). We had a few swing-jumping contests and then made up a race through the playground. I laid down on the grass and it was so nice. You know me and grass. I haven't laid on grass for a while and it was so refreshing!!

MisterE said...

That picture relaxes me.

emily said...

I got on your blog just to leave a little "I love Bonnie" note and found the sweetest post with my name in it. :) Your're more than a friend--you're the best.