Tuesday, October 14, 2008

nothing to blog about

I love blogging ... or at least reading everyone else's blogs. It's pretty sad that I haven't updated for 2 weeks. So I just wanted to say hi. Here's my life lately:
-wake up with only enough time to shower, eat, and run to school
-teach the young minds of America for the quickest 8 hours of my life
-run around like crazy getting ready for the next super-speedy day
-go to the gym (or mow the lawn and walk the dog like tonight)
-watch some TV (my vices: The Office, Ugly Betty, The Biggest Loser, CSI: any of them, Law and Order ... and (so sad) Lipstick Jungle)
-crash on the couch
-Jon comes home from work, wakes me up, and we go to bed.

What a life.

At least last weekend we got to visit my cute sisters (oh and Ty!) in Logan. It was a beautiful, relaxing, super-fun break in the monotony. We even got to go to Smith and Edwards TWICE (thanks Candace) and now I never have to go again! Thanks girls for hanging out with us!


Molly said...

We have missed you. Welcome back.

Ryan Shattuck said...

You know Bonnie, I've read your blog since probably the very beginning. I've even read most of your blog entries.

But I have to admit, I have no idea what you wrote after "Lipstick Jungle." That's when I stopped reading.

I can forgive a lot of things, Bonnie. But "Lipstick Jungle?" I have to draw the line somewhere... I'm only human.

caitlin said...

I have never seen Lipstick Jungle, but I have been known to watch Tori and Dean (I am going to go back to my blog and hang my head in shame)

p.s. glad you blogged again, and come and hang out with me soon!

the road less traveled. said...

The grass is always greener. I long for your monotony.

Miss you!

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry! I'm addicted to Brooke Shields - she's a terrible actress but I secretly want to be her when I grow up... if only Jon had an Irish accent like her hubby. Maybe someday...

Tara said...

So when you mentioned the Irish accent I couldn't help but think of the Irish men who proposed to you in Ireland :). And don't worry we all have our secret or not so secret favorite TV shows ...