Monday, January 25, 2010

This is what 29 looks like...

Mozart was composing by age 5. Picasso showed artistic flair by age 7. Dr. Seuss began writing at age 17. Mother Theresa began her meaningful mission at age 18. And Amelia Earhart knew by age 23 that her calling was to fly. Now that I'm "staring 30 in the face", I wonder what have I done to achieve something great or leave my mark on the world like these influential people? 29 is a daunting age... I suddenly realized I'm an adult. One year until I'm a thirty-something. For some reason that has always been some sort of unspoken deadline for me - IT'S THEN that I will need to have a grasp on my life and a direction to head.

I may not have written a concerto or a best-selling children's book (yet!), but in these 29 years I have learned SO MUCH about myself and tried my best to work hard and better who I am. Today I am genuinely happy, healthy, and living my dream surrounded by those I love. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Some goals for year 29:
-Learn the guitar
-Start teaching piano lessons
-Continue on my new healthy path
-Re-read Mere Christianity and Jesus the Christ
-Run a 10k


Hilary said...

That's right baby....staring 30 in the face! Welcome to the club! Sure love you and hope you have a great day.

caitlin said...

Happy Birthday!!... Bonnie Jean Hagen, age 29.. charms everyone she meets, and everyone jumps at the chance to be her friend.

First.. You are one year from 30, not 30 something. That makes it sound like your 35+

Second.. You always amaze me with your drive and the goals you set for yourself.

And Thirdly. Thanks for being one of my very best friends (and workout buddy) I don't know what I would do without you in my life!

Shelly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Bonnie dear!! Just wanted to say that you don't really have to grow up by the time you are 30. I am closer to it than you and I fully intend to not grown up before then (and I already know I will never really have a grasp on life)!

Molly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Can't wait to see you next week!

ConnieStance said...

Oh my favorite "onnie" You are wonderful and you make me want to be like you.
Let's run that 10K together. Know of any good ones?
Love you! Happy Birthday.

Heather said...

oh yah!!! We are so excited for the coming years, i am right behind you and yes it is scaring me too! Lets take it full blown and blow the 30's out of the water!! love you HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Anonymous said...

you can teach me piano. it's the one thing i've always wished i could do. i'll babysit in return. :)