Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8 Months!

(Thanks to Auntie Kim for doing a little photo shoot in her high school photo class! These are so cute!)
Hey Ella! Happy 8 Monthiversary! You are hilarious and sassy and we love every minute with you! :) Here are some of your favorites right now:
-Your thumb
-Grabbing hair (even your own!)
-Your farm toys
-Your birdie blankie
-Your swing
-Applesauce and carrots
-When we toss you up in the air or tickle you
-Baths in the big-girl bathtub
-Your new tooth!

Here are some things you DON'T like:
-Your coat
-Wiping off your face
-Nap time
-Your new big carseat


caitlin said...

Too cute! I love that last one in that bear costume. The look on her face is like "Hey, Mom? What am I wearing?"

Bugs said...

Love it. She is so long and skinny. Wow, what a babe! Would we expect anything else?

Tara said...

She is a doll! Love her big blue eyes and that sassy hair.

Jen said...

She's super cute! I love her hair! The one with the two of you together is darling!

Molly said...

I seriously can't believe she's 8 months already! Seems like I was just there hanging out with your 3 week old at the airport!

Heather said...

she is not big enough for a big girl car seat..... i know that girl does not weigh 20 pounds!!!

dg darling said...

Oh my gosh I cannot believe she is that big already!!!! She is such a doll! We need to go out or something. How many times have I said that? I'm such a loser!!!!