Monday, June 23, 2008

Weezer Rocks

I have been in love with the nerd rockers in Weezer since I was about 14. My friends Molly, Amelia, Kathleen, and I listened to them a ton one summer in Lake Tahoe and I was sure they were the coolest band ever.

They continue to amaze me with their musical genius, but they've really outdone themselves with the hilarious video for "Pork and Beans". I can't stop watching it! For those of you who are YouTube nerds like me, this video highlights several famous YouTube-ers. I was curious which ones they were, so I found a site that lists them. Go to this link and you can find hours of YouTube heaven!

Long live geek bands and YouTube nerds everywhere!


caitlin said...

Ha, you are just like Bob and me, we did the same thing the other night. We also bought the red album on vinyl.. We love it!

Molly said...

I'm famous! My name made it on your blog! PS--That trip to Tahoe was way too fun. Remember the stupid guy on the boat who told us we'd never make it to the Emerald Bay island in our tubes? We sure showed him, didn't we?