Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love my family!

Happy Fathers' Day everyone! We had a great day with the fam. First of all it was Stake Conference, so we only had 2 hours of church, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then we got to head to Sandy to my grandparents' home. I just absolutely love hanging out on the porch, laughing and talking and teasing little kids. Jovi kept our hands full, too. She was a pretty good hit at the party, given that only one family in my entire extended family even has a dog. (We're not dog people... I'm going to change that!)

Then my immediate family came to our house for yet more food and presents. The final game of that one sport where they throw a ball into a round thing was also on, so it was a blast! (Jon and I aren't sports watchers... at least not on TV. Or at all.) Hee hee. It was so heart-warming to look around and see everyone I love in the same room. We played outside in the new yard, gave Saige a shower, and my dad opened some presents. It was low-key but just perfect.

I love you all!


Heather said...

Thanks for having all of us over. We made a mess of your kitchen but it is such a lovely one, i just had to make a bit of a mess and make myself at home!! We love you guys and thanks for being such great hosts we had a fabulous time. LOVE YA and Saige has been asking for Jovi all day (thanks a lot).

Bugs said...

By the way that sport is BASKETBALL! You insult me!!
But that is a cute dog.