Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy FHE

We took a break from yardwork and training the dog to play in the mountains! We're used to the Wasatch Mountains and the beautiful canyons there, but now that we live on the OTHER side of the world from those, we did some exploring.

Butterfield Canyon was our first adventure! It goes right up to the south side of the Kennecott Copper Mine, so we drove up and had a great time. The view was awesome and Jovi enjoyed her time out in the "wild". Unfortunately Butterfield Canyon isn't as developed as the other side of the valley, and it doesn't have any actual campsites, so we made our own!

We dug out a fire pit, built a fire, and cooked tin foil dinners. YUM! Jon is an amazing chef, even in the outdoors. The most hilarious part was that we had a nice little hike, ran around with Jovi and got all settled in to roast marshmallows and and cook dinner - all with great weather. As soon as we sat down to eat our meal, it started STORMING! Lightning was just above our heads and it poured rain.

So, when all was said and done, we ate in the car. Yay for adventures!


Pauly said...

Great post, great pix and man o' man do I miss Utah! That sounds like an awesome FHE, all except the lightning! =)

Bonnie said...

Well Pauly boy, looks like you should just move back since you miss it soooo much! It misses you too. It told me!

Molly said...

Sounds really fun! I NEED to go camping. I'm inside way too much. The mountains look beautiful in those photos!