Thursday, June 19, 2008

All About Me

My friend Melonie just started a blog ... YAY MEL! And on her blog she had 100 things about her. I don't usually do those "tags" where you have to answer a bunch of random questions, and to be honest I don't really read other peoples' either. :) But I read Mel's and learned some fun things about her. So, I'm going to just write some and see what comes out!

1. I'm 27 years old.
2. I'm married to Jon, the bestest hubby ever!
3. I'm obsessive about projects and getting them done, but not as obsessive as Jon!
4. I'm a neat freak - I have to have the bed made every day!
5. My favorite movie is "Benny and Joon".
6. My favorite TV show is "The Office", though I'm currently addicted to the online showing of past seasons of LOST. OH MY GOSH!
7. I teach elementary school - I will start teaching 3rd grade at a new school in September.
8. My longest dream has been to write childrens' books ... but I just can't get my head around it yet!
9. I have a dog named Jovi.
10. I sew baby shoes for fun (see
11. My favorite color is green.
12. My lucky number is 12.
13. I have five sisters whom I love very much!
14. I graduated from USU where I was named the On Campus Student of the Year for the Eled Dept.
15. I absolutely love playing the piano... I want to do better and practice more.
16. I would love to teach piano someday... maybe soon!
17. I get road rage way too easily.
18. My biggest pet peeve is Utah Passive Agressive Women. I think it's a group. The UPAW's. (People who are nice to your face but do mean things behind your back. Grr.)
19. I love taking walks with Jovi and Jon.
20. I absolutely love volleyball - watching, playing, etc.

Thanks for reading! That's all for now!


Where is MY Captain Wentworth?!?! said...

I loved them Bon! I was hoping for more things actually... but it can be very time consuming, and difficult to come up with 100. It definitely wasn't a quick process it really made me have to think about myself. I am so glad you did some of it though! I enjoyed reading them! Love ya much!

Jess said...

Yay! I loved this post! I had no idea you sew baby shoes! That is awesome!

MisterE said...

I am so glad that you have joined the Lost bandwagon. I have all the seasons if you feel like you want to watch them on a bigger screen!