Monday, October 12, 2009


It was a beautiful fall evening, crisp air, colorful leaves, and the need for a pumpkin or three filled our beings... so Jon and I headed out on the town. But where do we go? We can't get a pumpkin at Wal-Mart or Target. Those are fake. You have to go to a farm and get dirty and fish through all the odd-shaped joys that surround you. So we went to Gardner Village. They probably have pumpkins. Or so we thought.

Gardner Village is a quaint little gathering of shops and farmland where you can get anything from little fancy pieces of fabric to nice pieces of delicious fudge. That is exactly how I talked Jon into going to the "Village". We were envisioning a calm evening of pumpkin hunting and fudge eating, but we were very surprised when we got on the block of the entrance and there were so many people that the police were there directing traffic. Holy cow. No, actually, HOLY WITCHES! We chose the first day of WITCHAPALOOZA to venture out and start our Fall celebrations. It was hilarious - little moms and girls were all dressed to the nines like witches and there were the occasional daddies lugging everything in the stroller looking dazed.

Even funnier - they don't sell pumpkins. We fought the crowds in search of our porch decor, but to no avail. At least we got some fudge and a caramel apple. Yay for Halloween!


caitlin said...

Love those army-esc booties. Sounds like quite the adventure!

Molly said...

Sounds fun! Cute pictures of you guys! I wish Fall lasted longer for you in Utah so you could truly enjoy it without dreading winter. :)