Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buy Local

On my trip to Monterey I found the old candy shop I used to visit as a kid. I have always loved going back there and getting some taffy with that salty sweet flavor of the ocean. So Amelia and I pranced around choosing a few pieces from the many colorful bins and baskets. Then on our walk back to the car we enjoyed the fruits of our search. The humor struck me that I flew two states away to get SALT WATER taffy, something that we here in Utah make for tourists.

I shared this irony with Amelia, but then explained how the taffy from California has a saltier flavor, thicker consistency, blah blah blah. I was so proud to carry my bag of sweets to Jon so he could enjoy this California delicacy.

The first thing he did was peel one open and said, "Hmm... Taffy Town taffy. You know these are made in Utah, right?"

He's right. Duh. Is it still considered buying "local" if you rode on 4 airplanes to do so?


Molly said...

Ha! That is funny! Although you guys know you are TOTALLY busted for not telling me you were going to be here, right? Not just kind of busted--totally busted.