Saturday, October 17, 2009


Is that a word? Well, it is for me. Do you ever drive somewhere and all of a sudden you realize you're a block away from your destination and you don't remember getting there? That has happened to me THREE times in the last two days. Maybe it's the darling baby in the back seat or the fact that I'm trying to work from home and do way more than I'm used to lately, or the extreme lack of sleep I'm experiencing. But that's no excuse. It freaks me out that my brain goes somewhere else while I'm driving and I am jolted back to reality just as I get to my driveway. It was most startling when I drove from downtown to my house without remembering a thing. That's over 150 utah-sized blocks without a brain. Something's gotta give.... soon.


Molly said...

Oh I've definitely done that. It really is quite scary. I can remember being proud of myself in high school when I'd actually leave my house early enough to get to seminary on time. One morning I drove away with the intention of going to seminary, and suddenly found myself in the school parking lot. I don't remember driving there and had to then drive over to seminary instead--and got there late. Amazing.

rob said...

If you think that is scary, you would be terrified to know what happened while you were driving. You actually hit a homeless man and a Little Caesars mascot. It was on the news.