Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Feelings

Usually I hate Fall. Hate it with a passion. But after a few moments of reflection I realize that I don't hate Fall, I just hate that it's only about 5 minutes long, then Winter sneaks in before we know it. So I've decided instead of complaining about Fall that I'm going to enjoy every little minute of it. That way when Winter rears its ugly head I'll be ready. Maybe. So, here's a little list of things I like about Fall:

1. apple cider
2. rainy mornings and nowhere to be
3. cozy boots
4. no air conditioner or heater, just fresh air
5. pumpkin hunting
6. dinner-in-a-pumpkin
7. costume deciding
8. changing leaves on the mountains
9. UEA weekend
10. witches at Gardner Village
11. the scarecrow festival
12. wreaths and porch decorations
13. going on walks in the middle of the day and not dying of heatstroke
14. caramel apples
15. pumpkin pie (in moderation!)
16. hiding in sweaters and scarves
17. jumping in puddles
18. pre-christmas shopping that I always say I'm going to do, but never do
19. crunchy leaves in the canyons
20. snow only on the mountains, not in my yard


Bugs said...

I can't believe football didn't make your list.

MisterE said...

Fall is in the air. I love your list.

Ryan said...

For what it's worth, I think fall may be may favorite season ever.

Well, at least it's in the top four.

Erin said...

Fall is our favorite, and is so much fun with kids. Football, leaves, Halloween, hot chocolate, etc. It's our last hoorah before winter confines us to the house for months at a time.

caitlin said...

Love the list. Love Fall! I agree it's a little too fleeting.. fleating? (Why doesn't blogger do spell check on comments!!?)

I can't wait for dinner in a pumpkin this year! Seriously I need the recipe!

Molly said...

You forgot to mention pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. If you haven't had one in a while (or ever), I highly recommend that you go make some right now. RIGHT NOW!

emily said...

Where's the buffalo?

Amy and Clark said...

I love love love fall. For all the reasons you listed. I do miss Gardner Village--such a fun place!