Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snow Shoeing

Is that how you spell it? Either way, it is a blast! Jon and I got each other snow shoes for Christmas, so we finally got out to use them. (This was a while ago on February 18, but I just got the pictures off the camera!)

So we went up Donut Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon and I was amazed at the pristine beauty of somewhat untouched nature. Snow shoeing is exciting because you get to go places you can't easily get to in the summer. So we went a while up the trail, then because everything is frozen we got to hike the actual river bed and up the falls! The videos of us sliding are actually taken on the waterfall. It's times like this that I realize how much I love Utah (and how bad I am at videography.) :) Good times.

Just to preface the video of me, I had thrown my ski pole down the falls to Jon, but I can't aim and it got stuck in a snowbank. Thus, after sliding and trying to grab it, I had to climb back up and get it. Jon is mean for videotaping that!


The Lehr's said...

Oh my gosh I miss Utah, the mountains and the snow!!!! Grrr, I wish we were back in Utah. I miss you so much, Bonald and I started to cry when I heard your voice on the movie! No fair, that's it, we are moving back to Utah. (No, really, we are, probably in about a year to 18 months! Woohoo!!!) Luvs! Reesa

Jess said...

What the Bon and Jon and the cute blog!?! Looks like a fun adventure! You guys are our favorites!

Shelly said...

This is really reminding me of our skiing adventures in high school. Remember getting stuck at the base of that tree?? How did we end up getting you out of there anyway?!? I also loved the snow day that was on your birthday so we braved the slippery roads and went out to breakfast (so much for cancelling school because no one could drive anywhere--we proved that one wrong). Snow days in Idaho are wimpy.