Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm sick of being sick... I'm tired of being tired.

That was a dreary title, and it doesn't really explain what I'm going to write, but Jon said it the other day out of nowhere and I thought it was funny.
ANYWAY, I have decided that since I'm back up to my mission weight - the heaviest I've ever been - that I'm going to declare war on my body. Several of my friends are doing weight loss challenges or rewarding themselves for weight loss. I don't know which technique is going to help me, but I've decided to reach out for a little moral support. I've taken "before" pictures that are REALLY scary. Some people say that posting them helps motivate you. But for your sake, and mine, I'm going to keep those private. (I don't want to lose any friends for the sake of a thinner body!)
But I will post occasional successes to keep me going. This week we enrolled in Boot Camp ( - a brutal 1 hour a day workout that literally kills me. We did boot camp to get ready for our wedding and it paid off. But the rewards of our first time around made me forget the agony that boot camp is.
After Day 1 (Monday) I couldn't put on my own clothes or wash my own hair. (it was an arms day.) After Day 2 I couldn't go up stairs or sit down without cringing (legs day). Day 3, 4, 5 were pretty much just hideous. I'm seeing some slight results in the definition in my legs, and my abs are possibly a bit thinner. But the funniest, and most painful, side effect is that my arms took such a beating that they actually swelled up. I look like I gained about 10 lbs. in my arms alone. I can't put on a seatbelt, jacket, back pack, or anything without Jon's help. I couldn't even put on makeup or do my hair, or reach my mouth to eat! (Now there's a diet plan!) But my honey is so patient and massages me every morning, probably so I'll stop complaining. But if the size of my arms is any indication, I can't wait to see how ripped they're going to be once the swelling goes down!


The Lehr's said...

Yay! I know how you feel, it is so frustrating to see the weight come back on, but it will be awesome to have it come back off! Good luck, I know you'll do great! luvs xoxoxox Reesa

Hilary said...

Good luck Bon! You can totally do it! You are a ROCK STAR!

Molly said...

Yay, Bonnie! It's all about smaller portion sizes, limiting your overall caloric intake, and consistent exercise. None of that crazy diet stuff. You can do it! I'll check in often to hear your updates and cheer you on!