Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dogs and First Graders

Every week we do a "Student of the Week" where the kids bring in a poster and take a few minutes at the end of the day to tell the class all about themselves. It's pretty cute what they come up with. Last week was Dax's turn. This kid is hilarious - so hyper and crazy. He was so excited to tell about his poster that I pretty much just stood aside and let him go for it.

His favorite part was telling about his puppy Buster. Someone asked what kind of dog it was, and Dax told them it was a Shih-tzu. "A WHAT?" they all asked. Several kids tried to say it: "Shut-sit?" "Shoe-zit?" "Shut-zoo?" Dax was getting frustrated, so he yelled "SHIT - ZOO! SHIT - ZOO! SHIT - ZOO!" with a definite pause between the syllables. And all the kids were repeating it at the top of their lungs in pure first grade style.

Not one of them realized they were swearing - that's how sweet my little babies are. But I was dying. I had to pretend I was writing on the board and bite my finger so I didn't die laughing right in front of them.

The best part? My door was open and a third grade class was walking by. :) I'm so getting fired!


Esther said...

That is so funny! Great story!

I used to think I was swearing when I'd say Shih-tzu when I was young.

Good luck house shopping, that's exciting!