Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moving ... back

Our lives have been crazy for about 6 months... but the good news is that we're getting back to normal. Back in October we packed up our entire lives and put everything in storage in Denver with the intention of moving out there in January and starting a new job out there.

But after months and months of waiting for the job to come through (which Comcast said would happen quickly) we decided last week that we were done putting our lives on hold. Jon found a job as the IT administrator for a charter school here in Utah. I, consequently, am going to be working there next year as well. Hallelujah! No more Denver! So last week we flew out to Denver, packed up a U-haul, and drove back through Wyoming and into "Zion". :) Now we're house hunting and loving every minute of it!

We didn't document the trip very well... the only picture we got was of a nasty no-tell motel in Wyoming. Ew...


emily said...

My prayers were answered. I'm so glad you're staying in Utah--it just makes all giddy. ;0
Bonnie is #1

emily said...

it makes ME all giddy

Bugs said...

I'm all giddy too. I know you aren't looking for a house in Tooele, but at least it's still in Utah. Now we can hang out more! Well at least some.
Thanks for adding me to your links I feel so loved.