Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm a bad blogger/Back to School!

So the last time I posted was on August 5. I feel terrible that I haven't kept my awesomely blogging friends updated on our life. But, there's a valid excuse this time. August 6 I went back to school. There was a week of heinous meetings that made me wonder why I was a teacher. Ugh. Then the kids came on the 16th. I had psyched myself up enough to be excited to see them and my classroom was perfect, but once those little baby 6 year olds invaded my world I again wondered why I became a teacher. They're so little and needy and especially sad this year.

But after a week of summer detox, we're all used to each other and we've got some routines down. They still need help with bandaids and tying shoes and wiping noses and going to the bathroom (one little girl is scared of the automatically flushing toilets). But they're so sweet. I love having them in my life every day. They say things like "What color are pilly fads (lilly pads)" or "Gosh, my crayons don't have very good balance today" when his crayons kept "jumping" off his desk. They tell me they love me and give me lots of hugs. And most of all, I can tell they're already learning things. That makes my job worth doing. First grade is the best!


Molly said...

Yay! Bonnie's back! Your class sounds really cute. But wiping other people's kids' noses? I think I'll stick with my cubicle. ;)