Monday, September 10, 2007

Fast food kills...

Jon here. :)

Bonnie has been encouraging me for quite some time to post on this blog. So here goes...

On Labor day, we were mourning the loss of our community pool, so we decided to take a trip to Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. As usual, the canyon was beautiful and we enjoyed our time up there. We were greeted by this sign,

which set the tone for our trip. We had to ditch our treats and goodies we brought for the critters in the woods (AKA, Bon, Jon & Staci). We enjoyed our time up there, snapped a few pictures for ya'll... Enjoy.

Sometimes I wonder who I married. :)

Bonnie's sister, Staci. She's training to become a ninja - don't mess!

What can I say? "I love sticks" (Really, I was just playing around with the camera)


Tara said...

I love your new short hair Bonnie! So sassy!

Lisa B. said...

go jon go! welcome to the addictive world of blogging