Sunday, September 30, 2007


One of the drawbacks of teaching is that every once in a while (more that I'd like to admit) I have to bring projects home. Unfortunately for Jon, he "gets" to help me. One such project involved blowing up 50+ huge blue balloons so that I could make globes with my first graders. Here are some pics from that adventure.

To get them to my car and into the school (two aspects I didn't consider before blowing the balloons up at home) Jon thought to string them on fishing line. It was awesome. Not only did they all make it to my classroom, but they also looked like a cheesy prom balloon arch. The kids and my co-workers loved it.

Unfortunately, the project went terribly. Six year olds are not spacially capable of watching me tape a continent on and doing it themselves. I now have 25 globes with the continents mixed up, upside down and sideways, and oceans all over the place. Pretty funny. That's first grade for ya.


Molly said...

Love love love the pictures!