Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wealth of knowledge

Have you ever been to the website I stumbled across it tonight while trying to figure out how to sew a zipper fly. That proved to be much more difficult than I thought, so instead of continuing my sewing project, I clicked on the "surprise me" button at the top of the page. And who doesn't like a good surprise?!

I was pleasantly "surprised" to find myself perusing pages about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING known to man. In fact, in the last hour, instead of sleeping, I have learned how to avoid fire ant stings, how to do a a correct handstand, how to create a Halo 3 montage, how to create a classic wardrobe, and how to apply goth makeup. (I think the last two go especially well together!) I can't stop myself!

Check it out and share what you learned!


Krystle said...

Hey! Glad to hear you enjoyed our random button. I like to call it wikiHow Roulette ;)

FYI - If you ever find a wikiHow article you want to share with your readers, there's an "embed this" link at the bottom of every article. You can repost the entire article in your blog entry (because we use a Creative Commons license....because we're cool like that).

Anyway, thanks for spreading the word about wikiHow!


Molly said...

Ooh! That sounds like the kind of fun I need to save for a boring work day. Thanks!