Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Me Moment

Today is my first mother's day, so I decided to take a little moment for myself last night and get a pedicure. I was so excited to just sit for a minute with no one climbing on me or crying, but after all the day's adventures and laundry and dishes and yard work, I didn't showered and get out the door until 8 pm. Shoot.

The first place I tried was closed. The second, as well, so I gave up and decided to go grocery shopping at walmart instead. But to my surprise their nail salon was open! It's a mothers day miracle! I asked the girl if they had time to do my toes, and she ushered me back, saying "We never close, never close."

I couldn't tell if she was saying that to assure me it was okay to be there at 8:20 pm, or if she was saying it in a resentful way... So I didn't push the issue, since she was the one with the sharp tools!

I enjoyed a relaxing few moments reading fashion magazines and catching up on facebook, then as she was finishing, the boss lady told me I had to pay in cash, since she just closed the register. What? Who carries cash anymore?!? But I told her I could walk down to the ATM once my toes were dry... No biggie.

Turns out, as usual, that nothing is simple for me! I walked to the ATM and supposedly put in the wrong PIN, and the machine ate my card!! So I tried a different card, and it didn't even let me type anything... It just beeped and told me to contact the bank during normal operating hours. Grrrrrr!

So, I bought my few groceries ad paid with a credit card, hoping they would let me get cash back... But strike three, I'm out. So I headed back to the salon and told her I had no way of paying, fearing I would have to go in the back and sanitize foot tubs or nail implements, but the nice lady said I could bring my money on Monday. I thanked her profusely, thinking the whole time, "this could have all been avoided if you just let me pay with my dang debit card!!"

Oh well, my toes look fabulous and I did get a little me time, so I guess it was all worth it! Happy Mother's Day!


Amy said...

Very fun and fancy in spite of the $ drama!

caitlin said...

Cute toesies. Sorry there was drama. The last time I went to Walmart and got a pedicure they accidentally clipped of a portion of my skin. It didn't feel great, and I never went back. Happy Mother's Day!

Mossin' Around said...

Shoulda come to me sunshine! ;) Glad you got some you time!! :D