Friday, June 19, 2009

The fruit of our "labors"

Last year we planted a SWEET garden with a sprinkling system and everything... and nothing grew. NOTHING. So this year we decided to scale down and plant some tomatoes out on our patio in pots.... and our FIRST tomato graced us with its presence. It was a little guy, but we're hoping that since he was so brave to grow that his friends will soon follow. Yum!


Amy and Clark said...

That is exciting! I'm hoping to see some of the same in a couple of weeks! I'm also hoping to see you and the babe sometime between July 3-7!

ConnieStance said...

Wow success in the garden (pots) already. It must be Ella helping you out. I am impressed however. The green thumb does not come naturally to me, but you and Jon have given me hope.

caitlin said...

Ha, wow.. well congrats, and thank you Jon for the visuals.. they made my day.