Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love my friends...

I have a group of friends that is a very unique, hilarious, sometimes bizarre group of people. We met nearly ten years ago at Ricks College when we were studying Print Journalism (or just working for the paper). We're called "Scrollies" because the paper we all slaved away at was called "The Scroll".
Anyway, it's pretty amazing that we became friends then because the only thing we had in common was the paper. It's even more incredible that ten years later we still get together and laugh our heads off. Here's a pic of four of us who got together for dinner at my house. (Me, Hil, Ashlee, Taralyn, and Baby Lily the future Scrollie of America).

I love you girls! You make my life richer, funnier, and all-around better. Hil, we'll miss you much. But now we'll have a chance to see you in Texas!