Friday, August 15, 2008

Date Night Gone... Wrong?

Do you ever have a day that just doesn't seem to turn out right?? Ugh. We do.

Every Friday Jon and I try to do something specifically together, sort of like a ... date, I guess. Since we spend like EVERY day together on summer break, it's funny that we make such a big deal of our date night. Last week we made plans for tonight to go to the canyons and have tin foil dinners. I got super excited and made yummy food. We even packed up and got on the road early so that we'd have time to cook the dinner and play in the mountains for a while.
Then reality set in. We live FOREVER away from the canyons now. When we finally got to the mouth of the canyon, it was closed for construction. After finding an alternate route, every campsite was either full or a watershed, so no dogs allowed. (Dang that dog.) So we drove to Big Cottonwood Canyon ... but on the way Jon decided that it was probably going to be the same story. So we drove to Flat Iron Mesa Park to cook our food on a grill... it was all full too! So we found a fire pit at Draper Park, built a fire, and ate dinner around 8:30 p.m. THEN the sprinklers nearby came on, forcing us to rush through our meal and get outta there before we got wet.
So date night was a little less than ... romantic. But the food was good and we laughed a little. Even better news though, is that when we got home I logged in to my crazy blog and VOILA!!! My blog spottings are back. A day can't be all bad, right?


caitlin said...

I can just picture the three of you..JonBonJovi driving all over and everything going wrong. I am sorry that happened, but it made for a great story and memory!

mindy said...

Them thars the stuff that memories are made of. Too cute! Lets be honest, you don't see "perfect" dates in the movies, because they are just not interesting.