Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy Summer

Hey Y'all! I have been super busy with traveling and meetings for the upcoming school year. But I wanted to blog a bit about my fabulous trips, one of which took me to the far reaches of ... Texas.

About 4 years ago I was completely ready to move to Houston, Texas to (according to my five-year plan) do my student teaching, get a lucrative teaching job, meet a cowboy, and settle down to make cute little babies with accents. Then a crash with a semi truck changed that life plan in an instant. I'm glad it did because Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc down yonder. Oh, and I met Jon and now we're very happy. Anyway, all those memories came back to me late last month.

My school sent seven of us teachers to Austin to be trained on what I am convinced will change the face of education as we know it. I absolutely ate up all the information they shot at us with a firehose. Whoa... my head is still spinning. To counteract the effects of so much information, we "Utahns" had some fun in downtown Austin when we got a chance. My camera died (see the next post) so I didn't get many pictures. They're still coming from my friend Daphne. But I wanted to tell you some fabulous things I discovered there:
1-Everyone is SUPER nice in Texas.
2-Just because they call you ma'am doesn't mean they think you look old. Everyone is ma'am.
3-The weather is absolutely insane. We were battling the inland effects of a hurricane, so I understand it was crazier than normal, but I now know where the phrase "raining cats and dogs" came from. WHOO-EEE!
4-Even when it's not raining in Texas, you feel like you're swimming in the air. It's SO thick. But it did wonders for my skin. (Why do we live in a desert, again??)
5- Sixth Street is the place that absolutely EVERYONE there said to visit. But we forgot to add that we're Mormon and don't drink. It was a street of bars and drugstores. And the occasional museum. Very odd... very NOT us.
6- "Mornin'" is a usual greeting from everyone. Even in the afternoon. Hmmm...
7-I was a nerdy tourist and bought a cowboy hat. I didn't realize it until the last day we were there, but I was the ONLY person I saw the entire time actually wearing one. :(
8 - Tump is a word in Texas. As in: "I tumped yer drink over." So is fixin' and all y'all. And yonder. Good words.
9 - Even at a fast food restaurant they clear the tables for you. And they ask if you want another "coke" even though you didn't actually order "Coke".

10 - Hands down, our favorite place was Rudy's - a BBQ joint run out of a barn. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now I know what real Creamed Corn is. Oh... delicious. It was a hilarious place with amazing ambience. If you go to Austin, go to Rudy's. Or go there now.

OH MY... I just saw that they opened in New Mexico, too. Road trip anyone?? I'm serious.


caitlin said...

I'm so glad you didn't leave me for Texas! I remember when you were deciding to go, and I was thinking of guys to set you up with so you would have to stay and get married!

I kept thinking of ways to sabatoge you so I could be selfish and keep my Bon. So I think I better confess that I was driving that semi truck that day.

Okay, that's not really true, but I am so glad you stayed and you met Jon.. you guys are some of our best friends!

Melonie and Dave said...

That was definitely the Lord's way of saying STAY in Utah. We are all glad you did! Even though cute little kids with texas accents would be cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Rudy's is BY FAR the best restaurant in Austin, I'm so glad you discovered it, and also jealous that I wasn't there. But don't worry, I have a bottle of Rudy's sauce in the fridge.