Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christmas!!! ( I know i'm a little late!)

It may be January something (I don't even know the date today!!) but I just have to put in a few pictures to share with you the joy we felt during the holidays. We spent time with Jon's family, my family, my extended family, and lots of friends. We are definitely blessed with great people in our lives.
Here are some highlights of the season -
a. An ugly sweater party where I took home the ugliest sweater prize (thanks Bob and Caity!)
b. A Scrollie lunch at Paradise Bakery - it's a miracle that we all still get together!

c. Helping our friend Emily move into her first home - yay!
d. My class Christmas party that included snowman ornaments, cookies and games - they were SO excited they couldn't even sit still.
e. Christmas eve with my family - new jammies, dancing, and silliness... Oh, and the reading of the Nativity. We don't act it out anymore! (Darn.)

f. Opening gifts with both of our families. It is way more fun when babies are involved.

g. Snowmobiling, games and GUITAR HERO the day after Christmas. Good way to come down slowly from the Christmas high
h. New Years Eve with Caity, Bob, and Eric. We got pretty good at Guitar Hero since we played it with these guys ALL NIGHT on their big screen. Awesome!
Happy Holidays!


Molly said...

You have the most beautiful family. And where's the photo of the ugly sweater??? :)

Esther said...

Fun posts! Jimmy emailed me the link to your blog. I love your little baby shoes you made, they look so cozy. It's fun to see what you guys are up to!

Lisa B. said...

Hey we totlly need to get together before you leave us. looks like you had a great Christmast.. awesome! call me sometime.