Sunday, January 13, 2008

My new hobby

So I decided I finally wanted to try something new to be domestic. I figure I should at least try. So I bought a little sewing machine that is for like 12 year olds or middle school home ec classes. It's not fabulous, but it did its job. I made three pairs of baby shoes. They're not fabulous, but my neice Saige seems to like them! One small drawback... the Christmas ones are slippery AND sticky so she slides around and stops really fast. Kinda funny, but kinda scary. At least she'll grow out of them soon! The flower pair has a vinyl bottom so they are easier to walk in. Yay for sewing! (see for my friend Lisa's page. She's the one who showed me how to sew these ... hers are DARLING!)


Tara said...

Those are so cute! Teach me your domestic ways!

Molly said...

Those are really cute! As soon as I have a minute to sit down and do the fun things I want to do, I'm coming back here to figure out how to make those.