Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jackson Hole!

We are so blessed with great friends and the means to go visit them. We drove with our buddies Hil and C to Idaho Falls, where our other buddies Mel and Justin live. We played in Southeast Idaho for a night, livin' it up at the Riot Zone (unfortunately we didn't take our cameras!) and a sweet steakhouse.

Then Saturday, the 7th, we went river rafting around Jackson Hole, WY with our awesome friends. Justin's family has a ton of boats and all the supplies to do a river trip, so they were generous enough to share with us all. It was INCREDIBLE! Wyoming is gorgeous. I love it, despite the jokes everyone makes about the state. There were some sweet rapids, water fights, throwing's in (??), and lots of good memories made.

After the trip we went into "town" (Jackson Hole) and ate the most incredible chocolates and desserts. The town is charming and there is so much to see, but we were all so exhausted that we opted out of the touristic opportunities... there will be other chances to browse and wander.

I am so grateful for my best friends and I'm even more grateful that Jon fits right into that group. It's like we've all known each other forever... and that we'll be buddies forever!

Things I learned on our ID/WY trip:

1. too many strawberries and a car trip don't mix.

2. inflate an inflateable mattress ALL the way before trying to sleep on it... especially with a bed partner!

3. Glacier fed water is really REALLY cold.

4. 2 lbs. of fried chicken is PLENTY for a group of six.

5. Revenge is a _____ - especially on the river.

6. High-quality chocolate is worth the price.

7. you're never too old for playing at a mini-theme park

8. Don't go to Craigo's 30 minutes before closing time. They're mean.


Molly said...

That looks so fun! I will just dream about rafting as I sit at my desk and stare at my computer...

Lisa B. said...

bonnie I love your blog.! you are so funny. thanks for the party yesterday. it was a blast! let's get together real soon