Friday, July 6, 2007

We did it!

My family has a wickedly mean 4th of July tradition that I dragged my sweet Jon into. It's actually an awesome tradition if you forget every year how painful it was the year before. While other families are barbequing or relaxing by the pool to celebrate our country's independence, we hike an incredibly tall mountain somewhere in Utah.

This year my dad chose Mt. Timpanogos, the second highest peak in Utah or something like that, then he was conveniently too sick to go. (Just kidding, he would have loved to have been there and we missed him terribly.) It was beautiful, exhilirating, challenging, grueling and, by the end, very painful. It took us 9 hours to hike, but will take a week to recover!

My sisters Candace and Connie, Candace's boyfriend Cam, and our friends Mike, Burton, and Jefferson hiked with us. We saw moose and mountain goats, many beautiful flowers, waterfalls, glaciers, and amazing views of ALL the surrounding valleys (Park City, Salt Lake, Utah County, etc.). In my opinion, everyone should hike this mountain once in their life. But maybe not more than that! :)

Below: Us at the saddle, at the top of Timp, and us on the way down (notice my enthusiasm)


Jules said...

I just wanna know who the lady in the white visor is...the one rifling through her knapsack in the shade to the left? Now, did she give you permission to publish her photo? :)

Cute pictures...I love reading your Bolg Bonnie! ;)

bonandjon said...

Jules, you crack me up! I have no idea who she is... but I think she's from Utah. Maybe she's reading this bolg and getting her legal representation ready! Help!