Sunday, August 5, 2007

Family Reunions Rock!

We've been married now just over four months, so it was high time I got to know his extended family. I recognized a few of them from the blur that was our reception, but during this amazing reunion I came to feel like one of them... like family. I loved getting to know everyone's personalities, quirks, inside jokes, and hopefully I let them get to know me a bit. We drove a couple of hours to beautiful Bear Lake to be with the Nielsen Family (Jon's mom's side). We stayed in an gorgeous cabin and had fun from the wee hours of the morning until later than we may have wanted! :)

There was boating, tubing, relaxing on the beach, lots of yummy food, tie dyeing, games, a crazy talent show, and a beautiful moment when Jon's grandparents really opened up and shared a lot about their lives and what is truly important. We are so blessed to have our families and each other. I'm so lucky!


Lisa B. said...

you do have a great family it looks like. how fun!