Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another way to share your "power"...

It is very apparent these days that we can use Facebook and other social media to not only reconnect with loved ones, but to make a difference in the world. It doesn't take much, just a few seconds and a click or two, and we can all work together for positive change!

I don't know how many people are still reading this blog, because I'm totally a lame blogger in the summer, but if you are reading this, please take a few minutes to vote for the following charities. It won't take much time but can truly help others.

RETT SYNDROME RESEARCH-Vote every day until July 31st! (3 days left!)


Click here - and the gray button, then click on Central (orange circle) and then vote for San Marcos YSB. You have to like APX alarm at the top of the page, but then after that it's easy!

Thanks so much guys!


Molly said...

Yay! You're awesome! My friend's daughter has Rett Syndrome and it has been quite a hard journey for her to watch her daughter regress and start to completely lose her ability to talk and pick up food, etc, when she was almost 2 years old. Thanks for posting the link!

For the Rett Synrdome vote, you have to log in with facebook and then go back and push the "vote" button again. Kind of annoying but necessary. But you can vote for it every day.

Can you vote for the San Marcos YSB every day?

Bonnie said...

Yes you can! Until the end of August... the 21st I think. Thanks for sharing the info about Retts Syndrome - so sad!

Hilary said...

Thanks Bon! I sure love and appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

thanks Bon !