Monday, July 12, 2010

Do Some Good...

I know it's been a million years since I posted, and I'm just taking a break from my summer hiatus to ask for your support... if you're even still reading! :)

Some of the schools I write grants for are entering a Kohl's sweepstakes, which is nationwide, but if they receive the top 12 number of votes on Facebook, they'll win $500,000. So, it only takes a minute, and if you help them by voting, you're helping ME keep my job! :)

So, just click on the link, "Like" Kohl's, and then vote for Hawthorn Academy in West Jordan UT. It gives you 20 votes, but you can only give 5 to each school. So, if you're feeling extra generous with your time, you can also vote for:
-Odyssey Charter School in American Fork, UT
-Early Light Academy in South Jordan, UT
-Excelsior Academy in Tooele, UT



Molly said...

Done and Done. Now you can go vote for Rett Syndrome to win $250,000 to help research a cure!

Bonnie said...

Thanks MOLLY! You rock.