Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Fever!

This is my first spring without a "job", so I didn't think I'd get the travel/gardening/play outside bug as bad as I did when I was surrounded by 25 wiggly little kids, but I've been bitten and it looks like another case of the fever.

The past week or so i just haven't been able to stay inside, so i have been busy with gardening chores: fill window wells with rocks, keep Ella out of the mud, scoop poop, redirect the baby away from the dog's bowl, de-grass the flower beds, stop the kid from eating rocks, wash off and arrange patio furniture, give in and let the monkey get muddy, take BBQ outside, hose off the child, mow and edge lawn, play with dog (yes, that's a chore), clean out garage, cheer for slowly budding tulips, etc.

But now I'm ready for some FUN projects, so here is my latest inspiration, taken from DIY magazine:

In spite of the last two failed attempts, I am going to try a garden. I may have a psycho vegetarian dog and the worst soil on the planet, but this year I laugh in the face of my opposition. I WILL HAVE A GARDEN! Unfortunately I didn't take a "before" picture. Just picture a minefield in Bosnia. Give me a week or so and I will have some pics to post of my (hopefully) awesome garden. And if it doesn't turn out, at least I will have gotten a good workout and some extra sun time!

Does anyone have any tips to help me out?


Heather V. said...

At my old house I had a small garden that I miss soooo much now! My only tip is to stay on top of the weeds. They are much easier to pull when they are tiny. It will only take a few minutes every few days. However, if you neglect them for long then it really becomes a terrible chore to weed them all out! Good luck!

Erin said...

I've heard that the soil out there is terrible. Try some bio-sod stuff. They have great soil that they can deliver to your house. We use it to fill our flower beds every year. I know that IFA has some good fertilizer, mulch, and soil prep too.