Sunday, April 25, 2010


I just love my Ella girl. I love her so much it makes me want to squish her and love her and hug her every second of every day. I love how she crawls like a maniac and is addicted to her toothbrush. I love how she squishes up her nose and makes the cutest noises and words. She makes my life whole and meaningful and amazing. She is almost one year old and I can't believe it. Thanks, Caity, for the beautiful picture. It's my favorite!


ConnieStance said...

I do squish her. And then she cries. Even that is cute. We love that sweet little Ella girl. 1 year old here we come!

caitlin said...

Oh man, I love my little Ella Bean. And now that she can say Caity it makes me love her even more. I'm glad you like the picture. I love it too. Who would have thought a trunk was a good spot for pictures!?

Bonnie said...

Don't tell people that! They're going to call child protective services on me!