Friday, March 12, 2010

What did you just say??!?

"Screw me once, shame on me. Screw me twice, shame on you..." What???

"The security system is completely ATOMIC of the rest of the school's technology."

Jon has a knack for throwing common sayings and words into his everyday conversations. The only problem is that he sometimes mis-quotes them but has no idea. When I tell him that he's mistaken, It's kind of like finding out that your mom's potato salad (or other family favorite) isn't the only way to make that dish, and in fact is really disgusting compared to other ways people make it.

First, you deny it. Then you cave in and taste the other kind and it blows your mind. Finally, you really have to work hard to change your current way of thinking to make room for this new, fabulous discovery.

In Jon's case, he tells me there's no way I'm right because that's how "EVERYONE" says it... Then we do a random poll or google search and he realizes his error. Then I go into "teacher mode" and help him see how his way doesn't make much sense... And he finally accepts it and changes his mind.

It's at least a weekly occurance... And I think he's getting sick of me! But I know he's not the only one out there! Help him out - what are some common sayings you (or a loved one) messed up until someone helped you out?

(Oh, and by the way... MY mom's potato salad is absolutely the best. No one will ever convince me otherwise!)


ConnieStance said...

Oh dear. That is totally Jon. And that is why we love him.
So when Ty and I were dating we had this very discussion. I was in Jon's position and Ty was in yours. I used the phrase "it was a past time of ours" once, meaning it was something we had done in the past. And he had to explain to me that is was a "pastime" or something you did to pass the time. I had no idea. And it took me quite some time to finally agree that I had been wrong.
We still laugh about this....(sometimes I cry, I have a really hard time letting things go.)
Funny post Bon!

Heather said...

i am in Jon's shoes. Matt has always had this way of remembering the funniest quotes and sayings and finding the best times to use them. Me on the other hand I think of great things in my head, and by the time they get to my mouth they get mixed up and come out WRONG, it sounded good to me though.
You teachers need to be nice to your loved ones, we cannot all be teachers and Jon and I might just gang up on all of you and start doing things wrong on purpose {at least that is what we will say}. I love you Jon, even if you say things wrong.

And I hate potato salad. Never tried Mom's but rumor is Grandpa McDonald's is AMAZING, yuck.

caitlin said...

It took me getting married to Bob to realize I say really weird things that I heard a lot at my house. I thought the saying "Out in the boondocks, was the boondogs." and when we went golfing out in Draper and I saw they had it as Boondocks, I said outloud "Well they got it wrong, their sign is wrong." And Bob and his brother had to set me straight, and laughed at me for it.

I have a good story about this exact same argument with a friend of mine and her husband, that I think I told you about, but if not I will tell you on the roadtrip.

Reesa said...

It drives me crazy when people are trying to be flippant and they say, "I could care less" when what they really mean is "I COULDN'T care less."
example: (me) "should I wear a blue shirt or a pink shirt?" (pauly) "I could care less, just put some clothes on."
Um, no. . . you mean you couldn't care less. You care so little what color i wear that it is not possible to care any less.
Make sense?

My mom always told us to "drive careful." who the heck is careful and where am I supposed to be driving her? do you mean to drive carefully? hmmm, makes much more sense :)

When I was little I used the word pacific for the word specific. I had to practice that one before I finally got it right.

Everyone in Kentucky uses "seen" incorrectly. "Guess who I seen yesterday." Bunch of hicks!

Bonnie said...

Heather - no way is Grandma's better. She puts olives and crap in it... well, not literally. :)

And Reesa - I just about DIE when people use SEEN like that. HA! Caity - we have a story for you guys that is not appropriate for the "net", so the roadtrip will be full of funny stuff. And CON - how could you make it all those years without us helping you with that one??? HILARIOUS!

Heather said...

i said grandPA, and there are no olives in it is there? I would not be the one to ask, i don't eat it, so i will take your word on this one for sure.

And when are you going on a road trip? Where? One day i might be cool like you day.

Hilary said...

Cute cute Bon....once an editor...always an editor. :)

Molly said...

MY mom's potato salad is the best. Hands down. Let's fight about it.

Jon Hagen said...

I do always say dumb things, or don't??? Anyways you get me point.

Life, it's good, married to an editor in chief. :)

Bonnie said...

Bring it Molly. We'll have an iron-chef style battle. Name the date and the time and I'll try to get my mom to remember to be there...

ConnieStance said...

I know... what is this road trip? Let's just go on our own Heather. I think we are all ready for a break. When and where are you going?

P.S. My word verification is "Booties" I thought they weren't supposed to use real words. Learn something new everyday.

caitlin said...

I just thought I would just pop by SPARE of the moment ;) Haha.. such a fun trip! (And I agree with Reese. Every time someone says I could care less, it drives me crazy.)