Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What would you do with a few extra dollars? (Or a few hundred, or even a few thousand??) Since becoming a mother without a second income, the money situation isn't as easy as it used to be, and given the current economic situation of our country, I have a feeling I'm not the only one. So, the other day Jon and I were daydreaming about how nice it would be to just have a bit of extra money. The problem is, that because we have a family now, all my thoughts for extra money go to practical things like college savings or food storage or diapers. It's actually very difficult for me to dream of something that would truly be a splurge.

I would love to travel. Go to Macchu Pichu and Tonga and Italy and on a Carribbean Cruise. Just disappear for like 3 months. And buy fabulous shoes that are comfortable yet fashionable (I haven't found them yet... maybe I could pay a designer...) And I would decorate my whole house in Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn. I absolutely love those stores.

So, I want to get you all dreaming and hear your ideas. Pretend we don't have a scary economy or bills or disasters to plan for. What would you completely pamper yourself or your family with? It can't be anything practical. Just dive off the selfish and silly deep end and share your thoughts!


Tara said...

#1 on the list is definitely a house!
- New wardrobe picked out by a fashion consultant that looks great on me but just happens to be baby proof?
- Day at the Spa - massage, facials, pedicures, the works.
- Traveling, of course. Love to take Johnny back to Europe and he could take me to Costa Rica.
- If I had a maid, a cook, and the patience of Michelle Duggar - at least a dozen little babies :).
- A cabin or a beach house. Sounds so nice!
- I would pay the Sleep Lady to come and help Lily sleep through the night. Yep, that would be the ultimate luxury for us all.

Molly said...

* Trips to Bora Bora, Japan, Ireland, Greece (again), Africa, Guatemala...shall I go on?
* A brand new Subaru.
* Cute shoes.
* Cute coats.
* Plastic surgery (or whatever it is they do) to get rid of my stretch marks.
* A personal trainer.
* A hair cut. Hahaha.
* A house.
* A dog.
* All new stuff to decorate my house (even if that new stuff was awesome old stuff found at a garage sale).
* The opportunity to be a stay at home mom.
* I could go on...

Shelly said...

No back pain and a trip to ANYWHERE outside of Idaho and Utah. Honestly that's as creative as I can get.

caitlin said...

A house, new cars, vacations every month, a monthly allowance of 5,000 for new clothes. (Can you even imagine? :)

Bob and I always talk about what we would do if we had an infinate amount of money. Bob's imagination is pretty hysterical, you will have to ask him about it.

Ryan said...

I would take 2 or 3 months off from work, and travel around Europe while writing. And I would buy two small condos - one with Park City and the other in New York. They would each have a guest bedroom, whenever people like Bon and Jon wanted to stop by and stay a weekend.

Bugs said...

This is a little silly but I would want season tickets to BYU football and Utah Jazz games. Oh, and all the free time I needed to actually go the the games.
Also fresh cut flowers in a littel vase on my table EVERY DAY.

I guess a trip or two would be nice also.