Thursday, February 11, 2010


You can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive...most of the time. I love driving next to people and figuring out their personalities by the car they drive and the decorations they choose to put on them! I drove past my first car the other day and it made me think about all the fun (and not so fun) cars I've had in my life. Here is my car history... judge for yourselves!

Oh yes... classic 1980s Cabbage Patch BigWheels... had to throw this one in because I loved it so much!

From middle school all the way through college I had a bike like this... actually, mine got stolen, but I "stole" Heather's... Got some good mileage on those tires!

Okay, now for real cars. I LOVED this tomato red Subaru. It's a 1981 and lived until I was 18. This car is the reason I've always wanted a Subaru of my own.
The Gold 'Benz... It ran on diesel and we had to turn it off to go through the drive-thru. It would die all the time! I hated it so much that I would make my mom drop us off away from the school, and I thought that Mercedes Benz was a "poor people" car brand because we had one! When I told my little latino buddies at school that we drove a Mercedes they thought I was so cool and I never understood why!This was the "Shaggin' Wagon" - and I didn't even know what that meant. I thought it referred to the shag carpet and plush velour drapes on the windows! This isn't a picture of our actual van, ours was much "groovier".
Why did they stop making the Aerostar van? I thought this was the sweetest ride ever because it was the "Eddie Bauer Edition" and had pine trees embroidered on the seats. So cute. Too bad it whined like a dying animal any time we turned a corner. I think all Fords eventually have this problem...
The Ford Ranger... the first car I actually drove. Ours was a wonderful brown color that NEVER had to be washed, and it had a shell. The only problem was that the doors didn't open from the inside, and sometimes the battery would die. This wasn't usually an issue, but once I got locked inside right in front of a guy's house that I just doorbell ditched... Good thing his dad was a mechanic.

The Gold Bullet. I loved this car. But then I totalled it. Sorry Staci!

This was the replacement. If I were to ever get a van, it would be the Grand Caravan... posh ride!
My parents finally got "cool" and ditched the minivan idea, so they got a GMC Yukon (but ours has wicked cool detailing that belongs on a ranch in New 1995. You can spot it anywhere!And my dad got a charcoal gray Chevy Tahoe... I loved this car! It had heated seats, which I will someday be able to afford!
The first car I ever purchased... The Nissan Sentra. I didn't love that it had a long front end, but that may have saved my life, or at least my legs, when I ran a red light and met with a semi. Fun story.When Jon and I met, he drove this truck. I think it is so sexy. I remember thinking, "Man, this guy is cool. He drives a truck." Then he sold it right before we got married so he could upgrade to...
The white Tundra. He said he wanted to get the car of his dreams before he had a wife who could tell him what to do. :) Her name was Ali (the truck, not his wife). And it turns out I did tell him what to do, because he sold it for...
A 2004 4Runner. I thought it was much more practical for a family, and the payment was half as much. Very responsible, even though we bought it on eBay. Then six months later sold it because it wasn't a good fit, or something. Now we have one car, our Camry. It's a great car and I hope it lives with us for a long time!
Which cars are lurking in your car history?


MisterE said...

I love this post!! My list will be up shortly, what a great idea.

Bugs said...

Good ol' Homas! Am I remembering the truck name correclty?

As far as my cars Bertha, an 86 brown Subaru wagon and Gus-Gus a sliver Chevy Nova--an orange rolling machine! Good times.

Now I'm married to a sensible man who won't let me name cars anymore. He doesn't know that I drive "Silver Bullet."

ConnieStance said...

Thanks for taking me down car memory lane. Oh the cars that we thought were cool at the time. Who ever thought lights along the roof of the car was a good idea was a genius! And I think Ford likes the turning moan, every old Ford I have been in creates that sound eventually. I think it is a signal that the car must be put to rest. Very fun idea. A great peek into our car past...and future.

Bonnie said...

Wow Bugs! I totally forgot about his name... you have an amazing memory! I loved Gus Gus. Good times!

Shelly said...

First, you need to NOT TOTAL cars--they are supposed to be run into the ground, not smashed or sold! Second, I LOVED Gus-Gus! Third, I have owned two cars my entire life. The good old 1997 Honda Accord that still runs GREAT (thank heaven) and the 2006 Toyota Sienna (Savannah named it Sally because it is the same color--and almost the same body--I guess we need to get ME a Lightening McQueen since we officially got the van for Father's Day!!). If we're getting technical We also had a Mercury Mistake..I mean Mystique, but it doesn't really count as a car. In high school I drove the "HUMMERVAN!!"

caitlin said...

I don't think I could remember every car we had. My favorite was a station wagon called "The Hog" it had two seats in the very back that pulled up and faced each other. I thought it was super rad.

My car history is:

Gray Ford Taurus from Hell. It got to the point that it wouldn't go in reverse.

Black Acura Hatchback. A month after I got it someone hit me, it was so dang cute and sporty too.

Then it was the Infinity, and on to my Honda.

Thanks for a fun post!