Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is Ella with our neighbor Mark and his daughter Italia. Ella and Italia are going to be bestest friends... but they're not quite there yet. :) This week I started watching Italia while her mommy works, and it's been... interesting! I had grand visions of them playing together, eating together, sleeping together, and all the while still working from home. Hmmm. Can you say DELUSIONAL??

Italia is walking (more like wobbling) and Ella still hasn't become motivated enough to crawl, so Italia will come over to "say hi" and end up mauling Ella. Then Ella gets excited and screeches, like she does often, and it scares Italia. So, within 5 minutes of "playing" together, the two are both upset and I have to play referee. It's pretty funny.

Let's just say that once upon a time I thought it would be fun to have twins. Now I hope it's not in the cards for me!


ConnieStance said...

Oh, but then those twins get big and they are fun, so much fun.
Ella looks darling in that picture. Tutu and all! Keep on postin'!

Bonnie said...

I love having SISTERS that are twins... but my own... I don't know! Miss you con!

Erin said...

I watched Shane when he and Carmen were that age until they were like 2 1/2. Like everything in life some days it was so fun and others were seriously hard. Have a good time!